Asymmetrical Conflict


As Norðmenn, living by the old ways and following the warrior path, we are used to resolving conflicts with our guts, and with courage as well as honor. We fight boldly and fairly, we expect the same of our opponents, and for this, we even gain the respect of our enemies. We play by the rules and by a code.

Such approach to conflict resolution and injustice is however absolutely inadequate in a civilian and regressive liberal society, where we are not only faced with extreme prejudice for who we are as intact males, but are also confronted to an opponent with neither courage or honor. Everything about us, our warrior ethos, our mental and physical strength, our natural aggression, our unwillingness to back down or to compromise, and our upholding of ancestral traditional male values, are systematically stigmatized. 

When we take a conflict to court, because society tells us we cannot resolve it as men, we are immediately looked down upon by a system that embraces male emasculation and female victimization. Everything about us is deemed threatening and abusive, from our tone of voice, to our stare or even our beards. At the same time, our opponent invariably plays the victim card, no matter the circumstances of the dispute. As men of honor, we also tell the truth because we see it as an essential value of our very identity. We also play fair, going as far as shielding our opponents from our destructive power, because we want to remain on an equal footing. Our opponents, however, driven by the moral bankruptcy associated with modern civilization, lie as a matter of principle, and spare no efforts to prevail, however low it may require them to go. As pragmatic warriors, we again tend to approach problems from a very logical, straightforward and efficient perspective, and we quickly are placed at a serious disadvantage when our opponents plays the legal system.

The result in such asymmetrical conflicts is that we rarely reach resolution through the courts. We leave drained of energy and deeply affected by our inability to resolve yet another injustice. 

We must therefore adapt our fighting strategy to combine our warrior skills to conform to the system and to catch our opponents at their own game. This starts by carefully picking our battles. We are mammals and our resources are limited. They must be used wisely. Too much exposure to a broken system and society is also very toxic to our very soul. 

Once we have identified our enemy, we must reduce it down to an individual and to a human level. No matter the circumstances of a conflict or injustice, there is always a man or a woman at the source. While an organization is normally an unbreakable impersonal and sociopathic entity with no feelings, a human can be broken. Especially in a society typically lacking any sort of mental or moral fortitude. 

We then must isolate the target from its ecosystem (may it be an organization, tribe or family), and solely focus on that target. This includes turning other parties to the conflict against the assigned target in exchange for showing mercy towards them. This further involves deliberately ignoring all other parties not designated as target, even though they may have grievously wronged us. Again, resources must be very carefully allocated.

The next step is to ruthlessly go after the identified target, sparing no effort to destroy it. This includes creating shock and awe by filing numerous proceedings at the same time in different jurisdictions, and systematically publicizing all actions. All judgements, however insignificant, must be immediately enforced.

The target’s psychological profile must also be assessed, and as much intel as possible must be collected. The factual intelligence can then be used against the target as character assassination so the target falls victim to the very regressive liberal doctrine it pursued. Indeed, while we warriors are normally immune to public opinion, most targets are not. Who hasn’t said something, at some point, that wasn’t grossly politically incorrect? The same intelligence can also be used for incidental proceedings to turn discrimination statutes, administrative rules, and societal standards against the target. 

What society sees as our “toxic masculinity” can be turned to our advantage rather than against us. The target not playing by the rules, not showing courage or honor also becomes simply irrelevant. The target finally reaches the victim status they have so persistently sought. Ultimately, the target breaks, it is only a matter of time. 

The resulting legal, mental, psychological, social and financial annihilation of the target effectively achieves justice, while sending a very clear message to all future opponents: 

Don’t fuck with Vikings. Don’t fuck with men.