Officers Speak Up

Photo credit: Forsvaret

Photo credit: Forsvaret

Biological differences between men and women clearly establish women are not fit for combat, and are no match in the battlefield when faced with men. In our current politically correct environment, however, pointing out scientific facts that do not follow the official narrative can be a career ender. 

Nevertheless, more officers are now speaking up against the institutionalized feminization of western militaries with the forced inclusion of women.

Oberstløytnant (LTC/O-5) Harald Høiback of the Norwegian Armed Forces, recently stated that: 

"Armed combat and combat activities can be extremely demanding activities that require both strength and endurance. A man may have to spend extended periods of time on patrol and in ambushes. A unit's ability to fight will therefore decline if well-trained women are recruited instead of well-trained men."

He goes on saying: 

"Overall, it has never been possible to have women in all possible positions in a functional society. I think there are good reasons for that."

Oberstløytnant Harald Høiback also says:

"If you spend a lot of time and effort recruiting women in combat, you end up in situations where women are not strong enough to get a man out of a burning tanks, or from the deck of a frigate or something similar."

Høiback also states that men on average are stronger and faster, and this is why women are not involved in combat historically.

The response from women in the Norwegian government has been so emotional and with such a lack of basis in facts or science that it is not even worth writing about it.