For the Enemy

Fear is for the enemy. Fear and bullets – James O’barr

Photo credit: Time Magazine

Photo credit: Time Magazine

The enemy has begun to feel fear, and to the fearful go their reward. Our enemy as true men, those of us living free from the fetters of servitude, is not just those individuals who would openly seek the destruction of society. It is not just the bearded fanatic, screaming to his god, that presents the visage of enemy. 

It is the consumer. It is the mindless crowd that demands tolerance for everything, regardless of the openly obvious result of their acceptance. It is the women who want to ban toxic masculinity, and the men who agree.

It is those who would pry ever further open the barriers to immigration, leading to a destabilization of culture, and a destruction of their own way of life. It is the believer, not in a religion, but in a welfare state. It is someone who believes a life on their knees in servitude to be one better than a life lived boldly with power. They would see the men who stand righteous in their cause removed from the path upon which society marches, true men presenting an obstacle to their bizarre thought process.

Their number is legion, and now is the time to see them for what they are. Just as the armed militant from the desert, they are the enemy, and they belong in the same group. They present a very real risk, and one that is more insidious than what we have faced in the past. It is not the enemy with a gun pointing our way, nor those sneaking through check points with an explosive device. It is the court room victories to strip rights from men. It is the corporate knife in the back, stabbing away at the remaining vestiges of men everywhere. 

In the fight against this enemy, our power is in our self-actualization. Confident in our power, we strike fear in these pale shadows, fear and hate. 

For make no mistake, we are hated.

And though we are strong, we are but a few. And we are losing this fight. The left as it currently stands are a flood, threatening to overrun the entirety of society with their infectious weakness. It is time to take a new approach, together with those in your tribe. For banded together, we are strong, and can ride out the storm. 

I do not propose we combat this enemy. It is time to stand back, and let the dice fall as they will. Because the snake is now eating itself. The left now turn on each other, seeking easier victims than those like us. May they find enjoyment in the meal. They are crabs in a bucket, tearing into each other in their frenzy. 

Standing with your band, apart from the destruction that is imminent, is where we need to be. There is no honour in hastening the demise of this enemy. Our enemy will attack each other, and we will simply fight against the victor, whenever the winner emerges. And then, as has ever been the case, the strong will emerge triumphant.