RAAF To Outlaw Bombing Operations in War Zones

A new policy from the Australia Defence Force ( Air Force Doctrine Publication, Gender in Air Operations, ADFN 1-18) requires military personnel to approach warfare with a “gender perspective”, and to refrain from engaging in bombing operations in war zones that would unduly penalize and victimize (enemy) women due to “gendered social roles”.

The official doctrine from the Government of Australia Department of Defense also provides real life examples, such as refraining from destroying a bridge used by enemy troops, as it could cause women to have to walk further in order to go shipping for food or water. In Australian defence officials own words:

”Although destroying this target may provide a military advantage against the enemy, the second order effect may mean that, due to the gendered social roles, women need to travel further afield, on unfamiliar and less secure, well-known or well-lit routes to gather water and firewood.”

The Australian Defence Force document also highlights in great details, as well as promote, concepts of multiple gender identities, diversity, and feminism.

The new official RAAF military doctrine does not mention how the policy will affect allied troops, prevent the ADF from prevailing in the event of a conflict, fail to protect Australia, or cause the death of potentially hundreds of thousands of Australian service members. All irrelevant consideration when women and feminized males are in charge of a military and are focusing in equality, diversity, and feelings rather than warfare, national security, and the best interest of their nation.