ADF Covers Up Radical Agenda

The Australian Defense Force senior command has classified reports relating to its implementation of radical gender, sexuality and racial identity agendas conducted by an external consultant to prevent them being accessed by The Australian newspaper.

Defence justified classifying the non security related documents on the grounds that, "The release of information contained within these documents, including the issues they seek to reform, are likely to be discussed on social media sites....".

Revelations of the CDF's attempts to impose his feminist, LGBTIQ, racial and gender fluidity agenda on the ADF have resulted in broad scale negative publicity for the ADF which has caused significant reputational damage to what was previously Australia's most respected institution.

The documents covered up by the ADF related to the recommendations and findings arising from controversial reports into the ADF's Pathways to Change program by self described 'feminist' sociologist Dr. Samantha Crompvoets whose business interests have received more than $1 million in ADF payments.

Dr. Crompvoet's activities were a primary driver in the politicized maneuvering that led to the Inspector General of the ADF's inquiry into rumors of possible breaches of the Laws of Armed Conflict which is currently attempting to prosecute Australian veterans for War Crimes.

The Chief of Defense Force General Angus Campbell has instituted or reinforced a series of policies designed to feminise the Australian Army and discriminate against traditional Anzac heritage Australian men including a 12 week bar on filing any ADF recruitment position with an Australian born male of European (white) racial heritage.

The CDF has also signed the Australian Army up to the radical ''Redefining Merit' program which aims to replace the ADF's long established merit based rank promotional structure from one based on qualifications and character to one based on certain gender, sexuality, identification and race traits.

The CDF instituted a ban on Army informal warfighting related iconography which he personally finds offensive.