VA is Killing Marines

Brandon Ketchum wrote the following post on Facebook:

“I requested that I get admitted to 9W (psychiatric ward) and get things straightened out,” he wrote on Facebook. “I truly felt my safety and health were in jeopardy, as I discussed with the doc. Not only did I get a ‘NO’, but three reasons of no based on me being not f***** up enough. At this point I say, ‘why even try anymore?’ They gave up on me, so why shouldn’t I give up on myself? Right now, that is the only viable option given my circumstances and frame of mind.” ~ Brandon Ketchum

Shortly after, he killed himself.

An average of 20 veterans a day commit suicide in the United States, and they are only a part of the estimated 307,000 veterans who died while awaiting VA to process their file.

We have completely failed as a society.